Twenty Twenty Vision

Situation Task Action Result(s!)

New year, new decade, new plans, hopes and dreams for Carppuzzle.

This time of year the workplace is all about appraisals, 2020 goals and KPIs (key performance indicators).

So rather like today’s meeting with the boss herein follows Carppuzzle annual review and goals.

What went well in 2019?

A personal best, a Mirror and the first carp from a new club water. This was followed by two nice Commons from the same Estate Lake. It was a great Summer especially when I was told the Mirror would have been a club record if I had had it witnessed!

The blog had record views in 2019 helped by links appearing on the clubs Facebook page. Visitors were up on 2018 but down on 2017 but more importantly reader engagement was a record in 2019 as visitors read multiple blog posts.

Also a visit to the Big One exceeded all expectations, I meet some top carpers, bought some kit and had an all round great day.

Finally, I switched to Baitworks Royal Marine and it proved an instant hit, producing results on both the Estate Lake and the Small Lake. Snowmen on the former and pop-ups in the latter.

What went badly in 2019?

Blanked in the Autumn and so far this Winter. Locating the carp has been difficult and perhaps I have not been as mobile as I could have.

Fell ill, not through fishing but an amber light all the same! Mental health is paramount and I have got on top of that but don’t forget carping is a physical sport (don’t laugh). For all the waiting there is plenty of walking, carrying, casting and baiting up – plus this optical calories Mr Penning is always banging on about! Therefore stay physically healthy.

What are the goals for 2020?

More fish on the bank and with the confidence that Royal Marine has given me I am sure that will happen.

Catch a Common to better my PB Mirror. Better still get that Mirror in the net again the claim the club record.

Fish in France! It’s as simple as that. It did not happen last year but I must must make it happen in 2020. Abbey Lakes is looking like the preferred option in the first half of 2020, departing from Newhaven which is just down the coast from me.

Continuing the blog goes without saying. I wrote 24 blog posts last year (one less than 2017) and will be aiming to better that in 2020.


Might buy a spod/marker rod and reel for France but that is about the sum total for kit for the coming year bar hooks, PVA etc.

Plus bait of course the Baitworks sale this January with 20% off is perfectly timed.

The situation and task are easily identified, the action is fishing so watch out for the last KPI in 2020 as the bobbins indicate “fish on!” – RESULT!!

Tightlines and 2020 targets.

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