About me

Thanks you for visiting my carp fishing blog #carppuzzle

The idea behind the blog is a diary of my trips to various lakes in the South East of England, both day ticket and club venues. Plus “Thinking Out Loud” a sideways view of the carp fishing world in all its idiosyncrasies, #carplife.

When I first fished Jack Hargeaves was the telly and the closest thing to a mobile phone was a Star Trek communicator. So expect posts about #carptech and some product reviews.

I’d never heard of or seen a boilie until about six years ago, let alone the new age terminal tackle bits and braids. So expect posts about #carpgear and some recommendations.

Lakes and gravel pits contained fish and canals shopping trollies. Rivers were, and still are a challenge. So expects posts about #carphauling or not as the case may be!

Today my fishing sessions are limited as I have a large family but my wallet stretches further than my pocket money used to, which is dangerous!

Having said all that, at the end of the day the aim is the same as it ever was, putting fish in the bank and a smile on my face.