Special Sauce

Pimped pop-ups*

Much like fast food the latest session was short and unfulfilling so I will keep this blog equally short …

Two small round pop-ups, special sauce, hook, lead, mono, reel on a, carbon fibre rod

A simple combination and the basis for every set up. Tried and tested and loved by all.

It did not deliver for me on this short session having arrived at the lake at dawn and fished for a few hours in a known haunt – Morning Glory.

This is my first year and first winter on the estate lake so it is very much about working out the angles of the morning sun and where the warmer water and carp should be – hopefully be.

I did get a couple of liners but no takes and no shows but the herons were further along the west margin toward the ‘arm’ – Plumbing New Depths – and so this could well be the next area to test the special sauce and hope the carp will be “Loving it!”

Tightlines and meal times.

*Mainline Pineapple and Baitworks Royal Marine glug plus booster.

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