Look And Learn

Floater review

An Adam Penning video is no surprise in the carp world but previous editions have been aligned to big companies bigging up big ticket items.

That is not the case here; The Summer Hunt, featuring Adam and produced by Hookd is very much about carp fishing and nothing else.

Adam goes to great length to explain this at the start and true to his word there very few if any company references throughout the 90 minutes – Sticky being the exception.

First impression is that without the big company backing some of the production falls short of the super slick films we have become accustomed to.

Early in the film the camera tripod casts a shadow over Adam as he sets his alarms and then later as he discusses tactics from under a brolly he appears under exposed.

Having said that the drone footage is great and we are not tortured with boiling kettles at dawn, funky editing and thankfully, a dumb ‘n’ bass soundtrack is absent!

It’s the simplicity of the film where it wins big.

It simply frames the twists and turns; highs and lows of two days lakeside and evolving tactics as Adam moves with the carp.

This is where the value is (having already spent £5.99 on Vimeo) and what has given me some invaluable ‘takeaways’ on surface fishing.

  1. Light action, 2 3/4lb rod, small light reel loaded with braid (quicker response and strike action, plus strength in weedy situations),
  1. Minimum 6ft hook link, size 10 short shank, wide gap, and super sharpened (no worries about dulling the point as it is not in contact with the bottom),
  1. Bright hook bait side hooked and trimmed down (different to the feebies and therefore easier to see and watch for takes),
  1. Small feedies, down to 4mm (mixing it up confuses the carp),
  1. Finally, always fish with the wind off your back thereby keeping the line straight.

All this might have come at the wrong time of the year as we are now mid autumn but, as Adam says,

You never know when a surface fishing opportunity may arise!

The Summer Hunt was for me a great carp fishing education and hopefully future editions will be in the same vain – plus add in another competition to win a days fishing with Adam and I’ll happily part with another £5.99.

Tightlines with braided mainline!

2 thoughts on “Look And Learn

  1. Thanks for the write up and feedback on the film; really pleased you enjoyed it!

    As you highlighted, these signal a series of films about getting back to grass roots carp angling (minus the plugs); Adam on the hunt, Steve on the cams, no frills, no bull, just angling. We’re shooting the next one this month all being well, so if you’ve anything you’d like to see covered, or if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, would love to hear any thoughts here or ping us an email.

    Tight lines!


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit the Carppuzzle blog. And once again great vid.

      In the next vid it would be great to cover weather patterns; wind, rain, temp, pressure, sunshine etc. Often at this time of year the lakes are bereft of life but I am sure with Adams experiences with weather patterns we can then make a well educated guess on fish location.

      Cheers and good luck for this season/session.



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