Doctors Orders

You’ll only feel a small prick …

Two weeks ago I was fishing the estate lake – Friday The 13th. I blanked but I did manage an annoying blister on my right ankle bone from where my waders rubbed, had wrong stocks on!

And that I thought would be the end of it. Blisters come and go and so I believed this would be the case here.

Wind forward two weeks and now I have my foot up and needing three courses of antibiotics via an IV having contracted cellulitis a common but potentially serious bacterial skin infection! WTF!

Like most blokes I thought;

“it’s only a blister”

Two days ago I thought I’d knocked the scab off and that was why it was hurting. But as the day progressed it got redder, hotter, swollen and the pain was tracking up my leg.

At 8pm commuting home A&E was the only option.

How I got it, god knows, not from the lake as I think the gestation period was too long but it does highlight the potential dangers of carping and fishing in general should you get a cut, insect bite or such like. Remember there are other potential dangers in the form of Weils and Lyme disease and Tetanus.

So keep it clean and get yourself checked out, better still a booster vaccination where possible.

Now in my case doctors orders are no work and feet up for three days, sounds very much like carp fishing to me!!

Tightlines and IV lines.

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