Catching The Moment

Little fluffy clouds – The Orb (1990)

Carp fishing for me is a game of two halves. On the one hand the aim is to catch that all consuming beast, the target fish; and on the other, escape the noise and confusion of the modern world, destress and detox the mind and body respectively.

Having baited three areas over the last two weeks on the estate lake I was hopeful of a result during this mornings short session.

The spots were; “Two Logs”, “The Stage” and “Willows”. All designed to be fished at different times of the day depending on the angle of the sun, weather conditions and when I got out of bed!

Today was the first meteorological day of spring (5 degrees) and I fished The Stage; the spot looked good as the rising sun warmed that corner of the lake. So much so that a cormorant hoped out of the lake to dry his wings whilst sitting on the disused jetty supports. Only to be followed by some gulls, ducks, a kingfisher and other small birds. The airborne wild life was here so I had high hopes the aquatic wildlife would follow.

After wrapping up the rods out went the usual royal Marine and Scent From Hell snowman and a new twist the other rod had the a Karp Sweetcornz Dispersion atop a RM.

I like the look of these pop-ups and often I add sweetcorn corn to my spod mix so I figured they will be a good addition to the bait armoury.

Settling down to watch the water, I put the kettle on and waited tea in hand for the alarms to go chirp chirp.

This was as action packed as things got. After another tea or two the results was a blank but as I said at the start of this blog there are two sides to the story and this was on reflection a much needed break from the London commute and working life.

As I took a few photographs the picture above grew as the clouds were pushed across the sky by a fresh south westerly and it made me realise that carp fishing is all about being there in the moment, catching and enjoying it – fish or no fish.

Session takeaways; I think I will change the hook link material to something stiffer. One of the rods came in tangled. I usual add a PVA stringer or bag which kick things out but did not on this occasion and don’t always want to going forward.

Also new Wychwood buzz bars are excellent, looked the business and I will be able to add snag uprights and attach the indicators direct to the bars.

Finally dropped a little more bait in to keep the flavour profile high on the carps agenda. Plus I reckon the big Common will top 30lb this year as may well the Mirrors so the bait will not be wasted!

Tightlines until next time.

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