Sub Zero

Frosty reception

The first fishing tip of 2019 was something of a false start as the weather conspired against me. In sporting terms a DNS.

I have a busy family and work life so carp days have to be put on the calendar and often left to chance, the weather is often the enemy as battle commences on the lake.

I knew today would be tough following clear skies overnight and a cold front pushing down from the north. But I still had hope, we were just at the end of a full moon cycle, the tackle had been prepped the night before and the children were in after school clubs until 4pm – so far so good.

I got to the lakes at 10am, why rush when the morning was sub zero, the smaller of the two lakes had a clear area but that was thanks to the ducks and realisticly unfishable; about 10ft square and more crowded than the 08.18 to London Bridge.

Coffee in hand I walked the large lake and it did not come as too great a surprise that there was not a single spot free of ice, and thick ice for that matter – half an inch. After a second lap and a few pictures for swim reference and lines of sight, I set off for the local garden centre and a second breakfast.

And that was it, the season opener – a fishing trip that didn’t involve any fishing but over breakfast I said to myself all was not wasted; the previous night was a useful exercise in sorting the gear, making sure everything was in order.

I switched the Sonik Tournos 8000 from the S3‘s and onto the Fox Warrior 2.75‘s plus stripped of the first few metres of the reel line and tied on new flourocarbon leaders (Avid Outline Reflow Two Tone 20lb), great quality and low diameter (0.40mm). I’ll be fishing “lighter” this winter. Plus I checked through the rest of the gear – all present and correct. And then finally tied up a few PVA pellet bags.

The latter will come in handy the next time! Now where is the calendar.

Tightlines and cleanlines.

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