Boxing Clever

Back in yer box!

With Christmas just around the corner and no doubt a few carpy bits and pieces under the tree, Carppuzzle poses the question; should you keep the boxes and bags that the new gear comes in?

Once you have torn off the paper and, for example, uncovered those new reels – not that they were a surprise, as you had to give the Misses the full spec! – do the boxes disappear into the re-cycle along with the paper on Boxing Day or do they sit in the man/tackle cave until such a time as when the reels are superseded and find their way onto eBay or

Looking online most of us seem to hold on to the boxes, as that adds a carpy edge to the sale – nothing says OCD carper (one who looks after their gear) more than the original box, the older the better, and even more so with a spare spool and a nice soft cloth bag! Lush!

So for top dollar on the second hand market your vintage Daiwa, Shimano, Penn etc will need the full package[ing].

With this in mind, I have held on to the boxes from this years new Sonik Tournos 8000‘s and much like my box fresh trainers (another ongoing OCD I’m tackling) I will be keeping this packaging safe and pristine for the future.

And when the time comes the online listing will read “nearly NIB”.



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