Laughing Stock

Happy smiley (carpy) people!

Emojis are everywhere, on messages, Facebook, Twitter, you name it and they are present, there’s no escape. 

Due my age I remember something similar in the good ol’ skool days of acid house – but that’s another story – before the Internet moved things on at lightspeed.

Having said that there is still one place and one audience that has yet to see the prolific emoji – the humble carp at the bottom of your water.

We carp anglers are always looking for that baiting edge over our neighbours whether that be a bespoke boilie, a pungent  powder or a glorious glug.

Or perhaps something visual, but not your average coloured plastic in various shapes and sizes – how about an emoji pop-up.

Put a smile on your pop-up, give the carp a surprise, but they won’t be laughing all the way to the bank as you haul them in.

If you don’t fancy a smile there are numerous emojis to choose from to reflect how the session is going!

I’m going to suggest Mainline supply a set of marker pens with their pineapple pop-ups.

Better still, l’ll take the idea to the bank!

Tight lines.

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