Off On A Tangent

Try angles – looking for a Sine! (sic)

If you don’t succeed at first; try, try and try again. That has always been my approach to fishing, but I must admit the odds were stacked against us on this short session.

This was the second visit to the winter venue, and having blogged before (see It’s Show Time) we were keen to see what the lakes residents got up to in the early hours. We picked our morning around family commitments only for the weather to  throw a spanner in the works – sub zero temperatures!

Jim and I arrived at the lake just after 7am, for the sunrise and to get the rigs out before the locals stirred, but were confronted by a half frozen lake!

With one hardy sole already setting up, we dropped into “8” at the southern end of the lake, as this was the only other patch of clear water. We anticipated the rising sun would warm our backs and the water in front of us, so having cast out, we sat and spied the wintery water.

With the ducks crashing through the ice, the kettle was soon on, only for the gas to run out!!

Now the ESP hold-all can accommodate most mishaps, reels, rigs, rests etc but no spare gas canister.

Strike one – try again – that must not happen again. Note to self; buy two canisters.

We sat on our hands hoping to point out carpy clues to this carppuzzle. Nothing, not a bubble, ripple, swirl or nose broken the icy surface.

We also realised the angle of the winters sun would not warm our corner so after another hour becalmed we moved to “1” at the north end.

Strike two – try again – check the height of the sun and it’s angle, basic trig and move accordingly.

At this end a golden reed line was bathed in warming rays. The ice had gone so together with the KDs out went a handful of chopped tutti fruities splashed with Scopex and we decided to give it another hour.

It looked good but looks can be deceiving as the minutes ticked by and the session ended.

The bailiff arrived as we were packing up at elevenish. He was happy to waive the ticket price on this cold short morning session (result) and was equally happy to tell us about the lake.

500 odd fish, largest 38+ grass carp, four other know 30’s, plenty of 20’s and mid doubles – but being a busy water they were crafty buggers. Illustrated by the fact that three other anglers had arrived by time we left, even on this arctic day.

Strike three – try again – armed with this knowledge we’ll be back again. The pieces are now falling into place on this carppuzzle.

BTW – off on another tangent, while driving home we spotted at a road side cafe and stopped for a warming tea. I enquired about opening hours – opens at 6am!

Next early session it’ll be a bacon sandwich to start the day before the lakes local come to life and thereby covering that angle!

Tight lines.

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