It’s An ‘Ology

Reading apparatus 

Cast your mind back to before mobiles and when land lines ruled. Who remembers the old British Telecom’s adverts in the 80’s with Beattie … no … well, let me refresh your memory.

Having just been told by her grandson Anthony that he’s flunked his exams, passing only pottery and sociology, Beattie says:

“He gets an ology and he says he’s failed… you get an ology you’re a scientist…”

And this is there Carpology never fails to proves the point that fishing for carp is a science; a combination of biology (the carp), chemistry (the bait), physics (the tackle), and most importantly, sociology (the scene). All of these subjects can be found in any edition of Carpology – which in my view is the best monthly carp magazine on the market.

November’s edition perfectly encapsulates this.

  • Biology – Part five of a series on carp; and in this feature why some fish are caught more than others with biologist Simon Blanford. The take away here is, and to paraphrase from this piece: shy/timid (lacking exploratory behaviour) fish also have a narrow diet i.e. conservative, and might be more likely to fall to naturals. So boilies in the middle and particles in a the flora and fauna?
  • Chemistry – practically every feature will have a line of two on bait, application and the science behind it. Best in this issue is Alfie Russell and his simple fleshing baked bread and whether to use slow sinking  flake or floating crust. No gulgs, dips, complex spod mixes, or fancy named boilies out of the lab, just good old fashioned bread. A bait we can all experiment with.
  • Physics – the “How to Guide” regular feature addresses rigs, tackle etc and coupled with “Hardware” you can full your boots (waders even) with new gear and apparatus to further carpy science.
  • Sociology – Regan’s Ramblings, the toing and froing of the Rotary Letter or Adam Blair of Urban Banx mixing carp and dubstep analogies; all illustrating the depth and breadth of the carp scene.

There are other good magazines out there and I’m sure everyone has their favourites but for me, the novice carper, Carpology shines a light on the scene highlighting all its idiosyncrasies, together with beautiful evocative photography (SubSurface Journal) which only strengthens my resolve to get to the waters edge more often.

Plus, armed with my mobile and 4G I can access a virtual encyclopaedia of articles by Carpology for every scenario whilst carp fishing, tackle and signal permitting!

All of which helps my knowledge grow, as I solve the carppuzzle and eventually graduate as an ‘ologist.

Tightline (not land lines)




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