Weekend Worriers

Feeling blue

This is me and a few other anglers, no doubt, at this time of the year. I didn’t make it to the lake last weekend and that is a worry. 

The weather is changing and the carp will be less active and visible. The window of opportunity for fact finding is closing on the winter venue I’m targeting.

My winter campaign is turning into a guerilla campaign (short sporadic sessions) so I’m naturally worried about another missed weekend. That’s twice I said it.

The main issue is learning the lake before the winter really takes hold as I aim to fish here until April when a new club ticket starts.

So I need to know; where do those fish hold up, where are the bars and hollows, which presentations are effective, what baits are catching, and finally at what time are the carp coming out.

This final point is essential knowledge in maximising my time on the water as I can only fish short sessions due to family commitments.

The first session, see It’s Show Time blog post, was informative even though a blank. The carp showed towards the end of the day but I am keen to see what the morning has in store.

With temperatures like these a morning start is a grim prospect but a must to decide if future sessions will be am or pm.

Hopefully Sunday will be a fishing day.

Looking on the bright side we may see a rise in temps (can’t go any lower, right?) and thus turn the carp on to feed.

So less worrying and hopefully fewer frown lines by Sunday evening.

Tight lines.

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