Christmas Yet To Come

Adding a new dimension

PART III – in the final chapter of my carpy Christmas Carol; what does the future have in store of Carppuzzle?

Dickens’ Scrooge saw that his actions could create a better future for those around him.

In life whether you take a proactive or reactive approach to the days events you are yourself creating a future carplife.

Taking this on board, and after a year in the doldrums, I will be seizing the moment and pushing the Carppuzzle blog, my carp fishing, and some product ideas onward and upward in 2019.

Firstly; a new logo – not that I don’t like the old one, but something fresher, sharper, more digitally friendly to move the brand along. Plus an upgrade to the site, upping the user experience.

Next; book that longed for trip to France. Living close to New Haven makes a long weekender to northern France as easy as driving “up country” to UK venues.

Finally, get a prototype made of my product ideas and test them on the bank, promote them and hopefully sell them.

So, what’s in store for Carppuzzle in 2019 could well be in-stores for Christmas’ yet to come!

Tightlines and a business line.

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