Christmas Present(s)

Wrap artist

PART II – I would image much like myself you have everything you “need” for your carp fishing – but do you have everything you “want“?

Here in lies the dilemma, do you ask for a new rod, reel, luggage etc when you know the answer will be “why … you already have one?”

Plus, you cannot just have one rod, it has to be two or three to ensure correct carpy symmetry.

Perhaps a new bivvy for the New Years adventures or a barrow to carry the ever growing mounds of carp gear that “has” to be taken.

Or perhaps some little stocking fillers, end tackle, mugs, pop-ups, beanie hats etc. Again you probably have all you ‘need’.

This year I have asked for ‘time’.

Time on the bank carp fishing.

It is the most valuable of commodities; days, hours, minutes chasing that elusive target fish, PB or both.

So here it is;

Dear Santa,

Please may I have some more time fishing, yours truly,


But just in case this message does not get through to the North Pole I have bought myself a Ridgemonkey toaster, one present my little fishing helpers can give me Christmas Day!

And believe it or not, I do ‘need’ it, being probably the only carp angler with out one!

Tightlines and precious time.


Next up, Christmas Yet To Come, watch this blog space!

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