Creature Comforts

Winter fuel allowance 

Off the back of a few tweets and instagram posts here’s this weeks “thinking out loud” from Carppuzzle. In this extreme cold weather are you carping or camping?

Firstly there was a picture of some loon out on the bank this month covered with nothing more than a sleep system, a balaclava and a layer of frost!

Carpy I hear you say, hypothermia I say.

Then the fella with astro turf in his bivvy. Reminded me of the time I spotted a bivvy with a TV aerial. Carping, camping or in these cases glamping!

Next follows some exchanges on Coleman burners to keep warm, Penning, Grey, Peck et al. I think you’d  get just as much heat burning fivers in your bivvy!

But trumping everyone was Fridays amazing steampunk shot of Northern Nev and a wood burner outside his bivvy – brilliant.

Now that is carpy!

Carplife or Tempest Life – carp or camp; this winter it is about getting away from everyday life and embracing nature, oh and catching a few carp so however you do it, stay warm in your bivvy this winter, pegged and tied down as #WinterIsComing, again.

Tight [guide] lines.

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