A Stream Of Ladies

Knocked off its perch (sic)

Mid winter and with the carp still being camera shy, a carpers attention often turns to other species – but which one asks Carppuzzle?

If you like lakes then perhaps get the maggots out and target roach. We are often told big roach can be found in carpy waters having grown large on boilies, particles and the like. Might even get a bonus carp!

Or perhaps the very carpy perch. Much photographed and a carpy mainstay. Again fattened up on the roach that have been feasting on the carpy nosh. Maggots, worms or consider spinning to keep you mobile in the cold.

Rather than the lake head to a river; pike, chub or barbel will put a pleasing bend into those 2 3/4 rods.

But what has caught the Carppuzzle eye on social media this winter is another river resident; the beautiful grayling, the lady of the stream.

Now the perch has a handsome dorsal fin but the grayling trumps this with an iridescent rainbow of colour.

I have never fished for and therefore never caught a grayling but seeing pictures of Mark Pitchers and the like it is very tempting. If only for the extra tackle one would need, a trotting reel, vintage of course.

Plus a flat cap, now that is carpy or do beanies still rule that clothing niche. See Beanie Counters

Or how about a fly rod, could be the next summer hit, carp off the top on a nymph!


UPDATE; having said all that how timely that Ollie Fisher, team member at Carp Particles UK, wins a weekly Drennan award with a stunning 3lb grayling, CONGRATULATIONS! #ThatsCarpy, see Angling Times.

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