Long Haul

A pink puff-up

After the initial excitement of starting a blog – with one post – it withered on the web and almost died a lonely death through June and July. 

Not for the lack of fishing thoughts and theories in my head but due to the lack of bankside action and the time to put those ideas into practice and crack the Carppuzzle.

Then August was upon us and a long family holiday to Australia filled the diary and knocked the fishing on the head once again.

Having said that; a long haul flight gives you plenty of time to read, so Carpology and CarpWorld travelled the world with me, much to the wifes bemusement.

More theories were formulated, ideas for rigs envisaged and a shopping list prepared for the Autumn campaign upon my return.

Always the fisherman, I kept an eye out for the scaly specimens, and found this withered fella on Tallows Beach in Queenland. It was too late for him but I realised it was not for the blog.

I vowed there and then to breathe new life into the Carppuzzle blog once home.  Watch this space.

Tight lines.

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