Bean(ie) Counters


With the much heralded and tweeted arrival of Trakkers new product catalog last week, and a tweet from Wofteclothing announcing their beanie came in three colours, it got me thinking. 

Is the hubble beanie the most popular item of clothing for the fashionable carper?

A quick beanie count on the web by Carppuzzle revealed that 28 companies offer 65 beanies. Plus many other styles of head gear. And that is just the big brands – with Navitas topping the table. As you know there are numerous smaller companies out there so I stopped counting as I have a proper job.

Whether you are a tackle maker, bait supplier, or product specialist you cannot be seen not to offer the beanie for that all important moody trophy shot.

Most are shades of green, Mainline bucked the trend with a grey and pink offering – bang on brand, but all have a common theme; the logo, differing in size and style to mirror the catch location:

  • Regular = day ticket
  • Small = syndicate
  • Subtle = off the beaten track
  • Distressed = forgotten pit

So take your pick, rather like a gentleman’s shoes your beanie will say a lot about you, not just your favourite company or sponsor (lucky you).

With beanies all sown (knitted) up, I think I might have found a gap in the clothing market – socks!

Admittedly not a great marketing location on your foot and more often covered with a trainer / wader, but think of how many nights you have dashed out of the bivvy, alarm screaming, onto wet grass, mud or a slug!

New socks please!

I suggest the bean counters at Vass have a look into this, might be quite fetching in yellow.

Tight lines.

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