Barrow Boys

Beast of burden

Back on the estate lake for an over night session and the wife insists one of the kids goes along; this time Jim, thirteen. 

An overnighter and an extra body means more kit; bivvy, bags, buckets, bait etc. So to solve this Carppuzzle we invested in a new JRC Compact Barrow . At the lake it is loaded up with everything bar the kitchen sink.

The big girls of the lake are rumoured to be upper twenties and a mythical thirty. It’s just a question of finding them and with the new barrow we easily lapped the lake looking; plus a delight without my ear being bent – “can we stop here Dad, my arms hurt”.

We picked our spot having seen a show in a snaggy corner where the setting sun would cast its last rays, plus the swim gave us a fifty yard cast to the bushes on the other aside of the lake which would catch the morning rays. The forecast was good and this end of the lake would be sheltered if the wind picked up from the south west. Expectations were high.

Having dropped a few boilies into the snags, out went the tried, tested and trusted KD but no pop-up, instead a bottom bait with buoyant corn on top.

I set about casting and counting wraps for the morning spot. Before putting the second road in the margin snags.

A couple of low doubles kept us busy in the early evening but the girls remained elusive.

With the light fading and Jim retreating to his sleeping bag I baited the far bank with boilies, corn and hemp via the Spomb. Out went the first rig closely followed be the second and I too retreated to the bivvy to play cards whilst keeping an eye one the lake.

The night was quiet and in the morning the lake was too. I feared the rigs may be sitting badly, but do I wind in, recast and disturb the spots or wait? This is the Carppuzzle.

Then a show over the spots eased my mind I went for the latter and put a dozen boilies out with the catapult.

Kettle on, sit and wait.

Then a single bleep, a drop back, and then nothing. I waited a few more minutes and still nothing. Lifting the rod and winding down the line appeared ten yards to the left and closer in with something on that them surged and snagged itself fast on something unseen.

I put the rod down and waited – solid – applied some pressure – solid – this carp knew the lake better than me.

Jim was up now and we pondered what to do over tea and biscuits.

Pulling once more … ping … the carp and I parted company.

I counted the wraps to the break and had lost twenty foot of line to a clever carp and a large snag in the middle of the lake.

That, and the time brought the session to an end. Loading the barrow we strolled around to our baited area and dropped a few more boilies in for good measure knowing we would be back another day.

Driving home we decide next time to approach our baited area from a different angle to fool the girls and dodge THAT snag, tweak the kit, and thanks to our new found mobility bring the kitchen sink!

Tight lines.

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