Life Is A Stage

Treading the boards …

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages” – Shakespeare.

And so this Sundays session on the estate lake followed a similar pattern with seven [st]ages.


The Infant – arriving at the lake 5am bleary eyed, focusing on the water, taking it all in for what seems like the first time. A new day, a new swim, and a new carplife adventure for Carppuzzle.

The school boy – eager to start, setting up with youthful excitement. My left margin had been baited on and off over the last six weeks or so. First rig dropped via a baiting spoon having waded down the edge.

The lover – readying the next rod, watching the water for signs, teasing me. Just about to cast at some bubbles and there in front at 40 yards a big show and my heart skipped a beat – I am falling in love with this lake.

The soldier – upright, standing guard over the rods, prepared, waiting for the signal and the action to begin. Always alert to where the opposition are hiding out.

The justice – now in the second half of the morning session wisher and worldly (?) a change of position is called for. With a couple of liners out front and a drop back that did not develop into a full blown take, I moved the margin rod out front and willed a bite.

The pantaloon – relaxing now, retiring, and reclining in the early morning summer sun. The clock is ticking down, has bite time passed? Time to enjoy the lake, the views, the wildlife, the warmth and the solitude, alone with my thoughts.

The second childishness – my time is up. It is the end of this eventful days history, a short session on the estate lake – sans [without] carp!


A blank is never what you want but sometimes escaping and relaxing is the well-being tonic that is required in a hectic life.

Not all is lost, as with all fishing trips lessons are learnt and these will be applied the next time to solve the carp-puzzle.

In this case: the fish are definitely at this end and side of the lake in the mornings. The Royal Marine gets them feeding judging by the liners and abortive pick up. This swim, “Kingfisher” is not an impossible spot and could take a bivvy. And finally I clipped up both rods before winding in to make sure I will be fishing centre stage next time.

Tightlines and lifetimes.

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