From Little Acorns

The next generation

An olde English proverb says “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. This analogy applies to so may things in life – be patient and keep working hard.

Life is a job, a career as such and there are many decisions to be made along the way. And these choices make all our life journeys different.

The experiences we collect along the way grow to become a tangle of memories to be imparted to those around us. And in this digital age, “those” become the world, if they care to listen.

Fishing is one branch to my life and I started this blog to engage other likeminded carp anglers.

Now 65 blog posts in and I think my audience is a big as it will ever get – an Instagram influencers I will not be.

We all have online aspirations to a degree but I’ve come to the conclusion that I should concentrate on fishing rather than phishing for follows and likes.

This blog is also an exercise in relaxation, mindfulness and wellbeing. At one point life became very difficult mentally and time fishing helped with my anxieties and to prioritise life.

Family comes first therefore what better audience for Carppuzzle than the children, passing on my fishing knowledge and feeding their life experiences.

Hence we found ourselves back at the old golf course having a picnic on a summer evening.

I had baited a spot over the last two days and so dropped a small feeder of pellets and ground bait into the water together with a hook baited with sweetcorn.

Over the next two hours we had a number of bites and caught five small common carp. During this time I chatted to the girls about how we were and were not catching fish. Little or large the principles are very much the same.

I think some of the knowledge sunk in but only time will tell as the girls grow and embrace the opportunities that their lives will bring them.

I might get an angler from one these acorns.

Tightlines and life lessons.

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