A Short Spell

Reading the tea (bag) leaves

A busy family life has a habit of dulling carp sessions and as other commitments rain down on the day the magic can be lost.

This was the case to a degree last weekend as it was not until 11am I made it to the lake with Mel and, for the first time, the twins in tow.

With early morning bite time over, we walked the lake and chatted to a couple of anglers – their morning had been dead. We settled on a corner with little pressure and some water being coloured up about twenty yards out, promising.

This was the first carp trip for the twins and they sat patiently on the bedchair as I explained what we were doing.

By noon one rod was out and to be honest, slowing the process was a great way to really think about the location and presentation as the twins asked “why”, “why” and “why”!!

Mel wanted to fish so a 9′ waggler was set up baited with sweetcorn skin and she settle down to catch roach in the margin.

Let the magic begin.

As each little roach was caught it was noted and named, Harry, Ron, Hermione etc. Switching to a worm brought us Draco, and Bellatrix in the form of bristling perch, but no Dumbledore, the wise old carp.

As the sun shone the bites dried up so we took a opportunity to have a toilet break. Essential when fishing with three girls.

Walking back to the swim we decided on a move around the corner. I could still cast to my previous spot and Mel had a new margin to fish.

By now for her I think the magic had ended so she reeled in and I prepared a second carp rod for the last hour or so.

I set up a different presentation to the first – a Richworth Tutti Frutti pop-up, Ronnie style, Gardner Ultra Soft silt boom, 1.5oz lead, fluoro leader – plus a small mesh bag of Tutti, and random pellets.

I wasn’t so much a “pub chuck” but out it went just passed and to the left of the area I was already fishing.

As I said to the girls, magic like carp can strike at any time, and sure enough before four o’clock the “pub” rod was away.

After a short tussle Dumbledore slipped over the net cord.

Wizarding times

Not enormous but more than welcome and that was the end of this short spell by the lake.

Next time we’ll unlock more from the Chamber of Secrets that this lake has to offer!

Tightlines and magical times!

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