Twenty Eighteen

Tools of the trade

Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say, At lease not today.

I could easily look back at 2017 with anger. It was a terrible year, a depressing time and on occasions dark and harrowing, as the black dog stalked me.

Having left work due to stress and anxiety and then following a lengthy legal fight I finally settled with my previous employers and closed that box.

Whilst all this was going on fishing, in particular carp fishing kept me sane (my Oasis) and allowed me to relax, de-stress and lightened the depression I felt. It was not a great year for captures but enjoyable nevertheless, and with those experiences under my belt it’s time to look forward to 2018.

  • Firstly, address the elephant in the room. I have not worked for six months and it’s time to get back in that wagon. This is one New Year resolution that I cannot afford to give up on!
  • Secondly, fish for longer and further afield. I think some of the reasons for not always catching is down to the length of time I have in the water – often short sessions. Last year I did a few overnighters and they were still less than 18 hours by the lake. So this year, the aim is to fish fewer but longer sessions and get into the lakes grove and the carps mindset. Perhaps France is an option?
  • Thirdly, don’t buy any more carp gear – well not the big ticket items – I have enough and more on the barrow does not equal more in the net. Having said that I am tempted into getting a one man bivvy for the occasions when my son Jim is not with me.
  • Finally, read more of carp life – books, not just magazines. Ditch the videos, how many variations on a rig do you need to see, how many bends in the rod and fish raised to camera do you need to see to go fishing. I know the benefits to my mental health and I think reading will only increase the wellbeing, mindfulness and enjoyment of the silence the lake can bring.

So the next tip this year will be to my own private oasis and Slip inside the eye of your mind, Don’t you know you might find, A better place to play?

Tightlines carpcrew for 2018

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