Follow The Leader

A linear conundrum 

Lead core, lead free, shock, sinking braid, fluorocarbon … leaders, the list goes on, but how long should a leader be asks Carppuzzle

I have scoured many carp magazines for a definitive answer but it has eluded me. There is plenty about what material to use, where and when but not length.

Then I found an Adam Penning video for Prologic’s Last Meter Bulldozer K Braided Shock Leader, having watched it I was none the wiser, but I had an “in” – @AskPenners, so I tweeted:

And back came the answer:

This sounded like a question from my daughter’s school maths exam! Not to be put off I set about solving the equation.

The drop is from the rod tip to the rig? Yes? Okay a constant at 6ft.

Then add the reel turns, 12ft, on the basis the reel retrieval, ‘R‘, is approximately 0.9m per turn on Sonik Tournos 8000, but this is a variable correct? So we now have 6 + 4R.

Then don’t forget the rod tip to the reel seat, 10ft for a twelve foot rod, in my case Sonik S3, variable again. Therefore rod length L – b, butt section, another variable. Now we have 6 + 4R + (L-b).

I calculated 28ft, with my variables of reel retrieval and rod length, and as I was on the train commuting I guesstimated 30ft would do for must people but wanted clarification so tweeted:

And back can he answer:

But I don’t think that is the case. Just take the rod variable L, you could have 9ft or 13ft, and reel gearing and spool circumference will effect R. Or does Adam mean it’s the same set up (equation) on any rod?

Therefore does 6 + 4R  + (L-b) apply in all cases?

Yes, I think so, but rather like the Links Effect it comes down to personal preference, and what about other variables; should depth of water be a consideration?

I’m now guilty of over complicating things with too much mathematics. But I am keen to use a strong leader having been cut off before Nutcracker Sweet just have to decide which and how long.

Back to school then.

Tightleaders [lines]!

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