Cold [carp] Calling

The iceman cometh 

The lakes are frozen and there seems to be another icey lid over the carpy parallel social media world. What’s going on?

Twitter seems very quiet bar the shops and manufacturers pushing January sales and new gear. #TBT’s and #FF’s keep things ticking over, but tweet volume is markedly down.

Instagram is full of pictures from 2016 reliving personal bests, old black warriors, boiling kettles and beautiful sunsets. Plus the obligatory perch, or are garyling carpy(er)?

Again Facebook is the same but with the odd competition thrown into the mix to maintain our interest in all things carpy.

So where have all the carp gone or perhaps carppuzzle should ask where have all anglers gone?

Simple really, cold weather and frozen lakes makes for poor carp action and despite the magazines pushing the “cold water” secrets of various celebrity anglers there are warmer ways to spend a day.

Add in a few hours of daylight and the very real likelihood of blanking and you can see why anglers have switched off (but not the carp).

They are still out there feeding so time to pencil in a couple of dates into the diary before this winter ends.

And finally, it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who blanks and struggles to break through that icey lid either side of the computer screen!


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