Twenty Seventeen 

Monkey see, monkey do!

With 2016 having been and gone, time to review my year on the bank and set targets for 2017. What do I want from my fishing next year?

Firstly, a massive thank you to all of you who took the time to read the carppuzzle blog.

A diary of sorts; fishing trips, thoughts and a general light  (highlights being – Double Take) hearted sideways view on the world of carping, carpcrews and carplife (for example – Bean(ie) Counters). And I hope you have enjoyed it.

But I did not get as much bankside time as I had wished for, therefore:

Target One; get more time on the bank; keep it real and keep blogging with more “thinking out loud” nonsense.

Secondly; I’ve been learning along the way, reading the water, the weathers conditions, seasonal feeding variations and fishing appropriately but not always catching – Show Time.

Fingers crossed as these skills are howned more carp should grace the net.

Target Two; get more fish in the net, be consistent and in the process push the PB ever higher.

Thirdly; explore some new waters. The old estate lake didn’t possess the mythical behemoth, and the winter venue is proving a tough nut to crack but I will give it until April when a new “club” ticket will start.

Target Three; get more overnighters on the club waters, perhaps some prebaiting for shorter guerilla sessions during the summer.

In a (monkey) nutshell – it’s fish more, learn more, catch more, and not necessarily in that order. And try not to buy too much gear – Balance Sheet!

Time to take aim on 2017.


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