It’s Show Time

Hung out to dry!

The winter will be here soon and new carpy challenges await me. I have never done a true winter campaign but intend to this year.

First challenge – the venue.

Taking the advice of Nigel Sharp in a recent Carpology feature, 5 things I’ve learnt about winter fishing. I settled on a shallowish, four ache lake with only a couple of areas of pads, which will die back as the cold sets in.

Having never fished it before the first visit was a short exploratory session walking and watching the water.

As usual, one of the kids came along for the ride and despite my attempts at not being too ambitious, Mel was firm in her belief that we would have three fish!

We arrived at 2.30pm and found a couple of anglers to chat to – nothing had been out all day.

Then bosh, big show to the right of the first fella we chatted to. Being new to the lake and not wanted to piss off a regular by settling up next to him we wandered on, eventually settling on a sheltered bay where there was some bubbling. Plus we could see the whole lake from our swim – No. 7.

Rods out, kettle on and Mel and I settled down to watch and hopeful learn a little about the lake.

Then at 4pm it was Show Time.

One in the left margin, two out front at 80yrds – one of which I could clearly see golden scales of a 25lb plus common but more importantly two over the left rod.
Then the liners stared and we waited in the edge of our seats. And we waited, and as quickly as the show had started it ended and the lake was quiet by 6pm.

With the light fading and cold penetrating our clothes we reluctantly packed up.

Mel had experienced her first blank, but as I said on the way home think of the positives.

  • We saw fish show and good one too, so we won’t be chasing mythical beast next time.
  • We could think of a different bait approach – one of the fellas thought the carp and a sweet tooth. Strawberry, Tutti or Scopex boilies perhaps.
  • The size of the lake means we can be very mobile and on fish quickly so perhaps walking and quickly casting at shows will pay dividends.
  • Also with the liners perhaps a zig rig on one rod is the way forward.
  • Finally, the net is dry so the car does not smell all fishy!

Having seen the matinee, what shows do the carp put on for the morning and evening? That is the carppuzzle which I aim to solve on the next visit.

Tight lines.

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