Particle Physics

Party mix

I always like to add a few particles to my boilie approach, I think it keeps the carps grubbing around and you’ll often see the water discolour and slick up as they get their heads down. 

In addition bringing other fish to the party will attract a curious carp, much like us, you see a crowd and need to know what’s up. But beside the usual suspects of hemp, tigers, corn, maple peas, grains etc are we missing a seasonal bank side feast?

During the year various trees and bushes around the lake will fruit (apple, plum, cherry, elderberries and blackberries) and produce nuts (cobs, acorns, conkers) and not forgetting rose hips and hawthorn berries, many of which will fall in the margins and be eaten by fish – carp perhaps.

Around harvest time this is especially noticeable. So with all the bait companies making fruity or nutty boilies perhaps some windfall cherries or elderberries in with your Crafty Catcher Black Cherry boilies might be the “edge” we are forever looking for.

Having said that I think this approach is only really limited to the margins.

I’m no Einstein but his theory of general relativity states.

Gravity is a distortion of space-time. Particles still follow the straightest possible paths in that space-time.

Therefore, straight down into the lake and not out into the middle.

So “particle physics” will limit the effective “edge” of this lake side bounty’, that is of course if the carp even ate them in the first place!

Tight lines.

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