Afternoon Delight

Mackerel skies

I always thought a fish could not be caught who wouldn’t bite,
But you’ve got some bait a waitin’ and I think I might try nibbling,
A little afternoon delight,
Sky rockets in flight,
Afternoon delight …

Something different an afternoon session. With the mornings still being around 4 degrees I decide an afternoon on the estate lake would offer the best chance. The theory being the water would be warmer and the east bank would in the sunshine.

Sure enough the swim was bathed in sunshine and I found myself sat in waders and a T shirt having cast to the middle of the lake in the general vicinity of the show from the last session.

All looked good but April sunshine does not make a fruitful spring as does a single swallow over the lake not make a summer.

The first swim was dead and after two hours I moved up the lake, dropping into a swim just vacated by an angler who had been after tench but told me he had seen a couple of show towards the far bank. The wind had changed slightly and was now from the south west, pushing into the swim and I’m sure I saw a swirl.

Out went the two rods as the sun headed towards the horizon and the end of the day.

Unfortunately the carp were not biting and could not be caught. One thing that is did notice was there was some sort of chunks of mould rising up from the lake bed and I wondered if this was putting the carp off feeding.

At the end, as ever, it was a delight to be fishing in warm weather but no fireworks or rockets to report this time.


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