Hope Springs Eternal

Word up …

It is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism. And that is what 2021 will be all about.

Firstly, let’s hope that we see the end of the Covid virus as a threat to life. Whether that be through vaccinations, (herd) immunity, continued restrictions or with a combination of all three we should be able beat this, or at the very least learn to live with it!

Secondly, let’s hope schools go back and the education of the younger generation does not suffer any more. With my children in all levels of education – primary, secondary, college and university – I sometimes feel the timetable for returning is “this year, next year, sometimes, never” respectively!

Thirdly, let’s hope relationships, society and the work place remain intact. I did say “For better, for worse” all those years ago and keeping it together while working from home for almost a year is tough and has had its ups and downs, but the good will prevail. Society will be changed, that’s for sure, bit only time will tell how. And as for work, I have been fortunate to have a stable job and I can only hope that those less fortunate find something quickly.

And finally, let’s hope I can get some more carp fishing in next year. This year, 2020, has be very poor on all levels – I barely bought anything!! So I’m hoping for more time on the bank in 2021, more carp landed and more smiling pictures – no tiers permitting!

Tightlines and guidelines.

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