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Analogue tagging

A while ago I did a blog on the monthly mag Carpology so it is time I wrote about what else has caught my eye on the newsstand.

I find myself gravitating towards Carpword. Great design and content and on a par with Carpology, more niche than Total Carp but not as cult as BC – see Meal Deal for a culinary comparison on magazine subscriptions and accompanying bait deals.

Now one thing that always strikes me about magazines, and fishing mags are no different; why can I buy March’s issue in the second week of February?

Us carpers are a keen bunch, awake before the dawn and, if you are not on an overnighter, rushing to the lake for first light, grabbing that favoured swim and chucking a single at a show.

Does the mags early arrival on the doormat or newsstand reflect this? Not really, working in publishing I know this is the classic trick of ‘extending’ the month to maximise sales – catch a few more anglers with inviting cover lines.

Carpworld cover lines definitely catch the eye; big name, Dave Lane, Darrell Peck, Gaz Fareham, Oz Holmes etc; plus win £700 of Aqua gear!

It also emulates another carpy trend (courtesy of Mr Penning), burning ocular calories as you search for insider tips hidden in the copy. Much like scanning the water for signs of where the carp are hiding out.

And so to March’s issue, and three takeaways from Carppuzzle.

  • PAGE 30: Tigernuts burn bright – underused, carp love ’em and they deter nuisance fish so says Darrell Peck. Note to self – give them another go!
  • PAGE 55: Steve Reynard – fishing two rods either side of the baited (hemp) area as large carp often circle smaller feeding fish – a common match fishing practice.
  • PAGE 79: Rob Hughes of Dynamite and underwater guru, pop-up colours for conditions; white – deep water and silt, pink – clear and weedy, and yellow – clear over gravel; for the all conquering Ronnie rig. The Gestalt colour wheel in action.
  • Hopefully these tips will be remembered by me if not the quick search on Carppuzzle will bring them and hopefully a carp to the surface.
  • Tightlines and cover lines.

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