Lucky Charms

Super furry animals

You see them in football pitches, on school bags, strapped to the front of lorries and in carpland; straddling, hanging from or leaning against an anglers rod pod.

Which begs the question do I need one in my carp fishing arsenal and will it bring me luck on the bank?

Lucky charms, talisman and symbols of good fortune are nothing new from ancient Roman (who incidentally are credited with bringing the carp to the UK) to the modern era: rabbits feet, four leaf clover, colours, numbers et al.

Looking at social media carpy captures they are peppered with lucky charms lurking in the background, mostly cuddly toys – a fishing mascot.

I blame Neil Spooner and the PG Tips monkey, Monkey; but there are plenty of alternatives – dogs, dragons, birds, unicorns and other magical non-descript animals.

I could raid the twins toy box to complete this essential carplife look.

Having said that, I need convincing and mascots are definitely not to everyone’s taste.

The Watford FC mascot, Harry the Hornet got himself in hot water with Crystal Palace’s Roy Hodgson after he mocking Wilfried Zaha for diving in the last Palace Watford encounter.

But after last weekend and Watford now on maximum premiership points their good luck charm / mascot is working.

I may just have jinxed their season – which may well prove a mascots worth!

Tightlines and fur lined friends.

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