Style Over Substance

Brew Ha Ha

We’ve all heard the expression; “a square peg in a round hole”, and this is exactly what RidgeMonkey are trying to do with their square kettle.

This is a classic “you need this” design trick where there is no real value in updating from old to new. In this case from round to square.

The adverting material has a lot of physics and thermodynamic guff but in all honesty the difference is negligible between boiling times, unless perhaps in the lab and on the bank with a northerly hacking into your bivvy.

So it comes down to do you want and desire this kettle, and not need this kettle. Very much like so much of what we buy in life, and not just our fishing life.

Anglers are consumers and their wanton desire fuels the manufacturers and marketers ideas for fancy products to every greater heights. Some are innovative and other plain ineffective.

RidgeMonkey kicked off with the toaster – excellent.

They gave us the carbon throwing stick – good(ish), and I gave them the benefit of the doubt on the weight saving.

Then they moved into lines and hooks – unnecessary, it’s a crowded market and trading on your name is not a guarantee of sales, slim sales at best.

And now the kettle – wholly unnecessary and, I think, potentially damaging to the brand as anglers may, instead of drinking out of mugs, start to feel they are being treated like mugs.

Raised eyebrows online and tweets have already seen the kettle belittled but there will no doubt be plenty of buyers in the run up to Christmas, after all a square kettle comes in a square box and is easier to wrap, and not just easier to pack onto the barrow!

Tightlines not more credit lines.

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