Balance Sheet

“You’ve got mail – again!” [Wife]

I seem to have got into a rut. I’ll buy some carp gear for the feel good factor especially if I don’t fish a weekend. Is this the norm for carp anglers? Or can I blame the online tackle giants and their weekly offers that are feeding this new addiction. 

Plus using click and collect at Argos for eBay purchases has allowed me to sneak stuff into the shed under the wife’s ‘gearadar’.

Now having just bought a pair of new rods – see Big Butts blog post – I decided to do a quick audit on the gear, if anything to prove to myself that I was not addicted to buying carp gear.

Or convince the wife I should fish more and therefore save money. Smart eh?

So armed with my phone I ventured into the shed and its darkest corners.

Seven rods, seven reels, two landing nets, two hold-alls, two buckets, one bivvy, one umbrella, one barrow, unhooking mat; and that was just the stuff I could see!

Delving into the ESP hold-all and subsequent Bits Bag revealed a treasure trove of Korda, Gardner, Fox, Enterprise, Korum, et al terminal gear.

And then add in the Prologic alarms ‘n’ bank sticks, bait, clothing, beanies (three and counting), stove, mugs and finally the very carpy perch lures – a winter must have, and by now my head was spinning – no pun intended.

The whole exercise was turning into an episode of the Generation Game and I could hear Bruce saying …

“Didn’t he do well!”

I won’t say what the grand total is because as a novice, I’m sure I would be laughed off the lake having not mortgaged the house for some Daiwa Basiair Tournaments but it was a useful exercise if only for insurance.

Which begs the questions; what does the house insurance cover? and, are tackle specific policy’s worth the money?

Your comments would be much appreciated.

In the meantime I’ll try and keep my hands in my pockets unless of course I’m holding one of the seven rods and hopefully landing a carp!

Tight lines.

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